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Healthy Vending

The World Health Organization predicts Ireland will be the most obese nation in Europe by 2030. This is being driven in no small part to the daily consumption of high-fat, high-sugar snacks.

If you have snacks on offer onsite for your employees, let us help you make them healthy ones.


Instructor-Led Classes

7 out every 10 Irish adults do not meet the recommended daily physical activity guidelines and this has a high correlation with rising obesity levels (Healthy Ireland Survey, 2015).

The challenge for many people is finding the time for exercise as life becomes increasingly hectic. When physical activity is made convenient and easy, by facilitating it during the working day, engagement levels increase.

We can deliver onsite classes for your employees in fitness, Pilates and Yoga. Our qualified instructors can deliver classes in the early morning, during lunch or immediately after work.

This has been proven to lead to health benefits as well as making employees feel more alert while at work.

Wellness Talks & Sessions

A large part of living a healthier life revolves around education. And education doesn't have to be boring.

Our health and wellbeing experts deliver monthly wellness talks and sessions, addressing various topics and issues effecting employees.

From how to maintain a healthy diet to fun juicing sessions, we will make sure your employees are both educated and entertained.

Feel-Good Treats

Maintaining a work-life balance is becoming seriously challenging for many employees. And during their weekends or days off, employees need to fit in an array of personal activities that rob them from time spent doing other things, like spending time with their family or enjoying their favorite hobby.

We can provide your employees with fun feel-good treats like providing them with an onsite barber or having a neck and shoulder massage at their desk.

Not only does this reduce stress in the workplace, it also gives employees back their own time to do whatever they want to do.

Workplace Ergonomics

When it comes to construction or manual handling, employees and employers have become well aware of best-practice in terms of health and safety. For the office worker, however, there is room for much improvement.

Work-related musculoskeletal illnesses are rising and, in 55% of cases, account for 15.9 days absent per year (ESRI,2016).

We can provide your organization with a number of workplace ergonomic products that will make your office a more health facilitating environment.